Blantyre's History

The Welfare Institute was established in Blantyre in 1928 with the social club being opened in 1960, the Bowling Club in 1964 and most recently, the Resource Centre in 2008. The population of Blantyre itself has steadily increased over the last 300 years and saw a great influx of workers at the turn of the 20th century during the Industrial Revolution. As Blantyre was established on mining and mill work you can see how a Welfare Institute was vital in establishing a good link for the community to turn to in times of need.

Over the past 80 years the institute in Blantyre has evolved into what you see today with the Charitable Society having branched into a Social Club, Indoor Bowling Club and the most recent development, the Community Resource Centre.

A song about Blantyre written and performed by Drew Semple