Statement of Intent

Blantyre Miners Welfare Charitable Society

Statement of Intent

· The Charity will provide direct services & create opportunities for personal & community development for the people of Blantyre & Burnbank, where appropriate, in education & training, the arts, health, sports & leisure.

· The Charity will plan its service provision to be complimentary to the role of other agencies.

· The programme of work will meet the needs and aspirations of the community as Identified by the community itself.

· The Charity’s strategy will be to review this provision continuously to continue to ensure its activities are focussed and effective.

· The Charity will aim to ensure all of the services are of the highest quality and represent value for money.

· The Charity will support and encourage initiatives addressing issues of concern locally and which create opportunities for the development of such strategies based on local people developing local initiatives.

· The Charity proposes that the Community Resource Centre will provide a people centred facility, which will maximise the opportunities for social inclusion and contribute towards the sustained economic, social and physical regeneration of Blantyre & Burnbank and the surrounding areas.

Gerry Baldwin