Blantyre Miners Community Resource Centre

Welcome to the Blantyre Miners Welfare Charitable Society and Community Resource Centre website. This website aims to give you a feel for this wonderful society as well as the individual buildings that make up the overall organisation. The Community Resource Centre is one of the major sections of the Blantyre Miners Welfare Charitable Society and was opened in October 2008.

The Resource Centre

Blantyre Miners welfare have always been keen on making sure the deep heritage which Blantyre is known for is not forgotten. In a recent 2005 consultation the community indicated themselves that as well as helping shape the new community resource centre, they would be keen to ensure that any new building has enough of heritage within to remind folk of how Blantyre was formed, and that was to include all that was good and of course less positive. Take a look at the Statement of Intent which should explain what the Charitable Society itself aims to do. Please click here to find out more about Miners Welfare Social Club.

If you are interested in booking any of the centre venues then visit our bookings section. For more information call us on 01698 711100 or e-mail for any inquiries:-

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Aims to:

  • raise awareness and knowledge within Blantyre and the surrounding communities with both young and old, of the rich heritage within Blantyre.
  • create a visual display and oral history of Blantyre therefore ensuring that this rich heritage will be documented for both the present and the future.
  • assist preservation of local historical artefacts.
  • improve community spirit.
  • provide opportunities for learning, development and participation by Encouraging participation from schools and local groups to enhance the Project through

     learning days and seminars with a 'hands-on' approach.

  • create visual historical presentations and outreach materials for use in outreach projects to local schools and groups.
  • recruit and develop a volunteer group to increase the facility through events within the Centre such as Family History days, film shows, amateur play groups etc.