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he Coalburn Miners' Charitable Society has been at the heart of the local community for many years, with many of the town's population registered as members. We aim to improve the facilities and services available to this former mining community by working in partnership with others to achieve common goals. Given that the voluntary sector in this area generally lacks resources and the support infrastructure due to funding constraints, the Charitable Society has an important role to play in providing resources and leadership to the community and voluntary sector locally.

he Objectives of the Coalburn Miners' Charitable Society is to provide facilities for such forms of recreation and other leisure time occupation as are conducive to the improvement of the conditions of living of the inhabitants of Coalburn and neighbourhood thereof within the Society's sphere of operations as defined from time to time and in particular (but not exclusively) such of the inhabitants as are members of the Mining Community provided that nothing herein contained shall authorise the application of the property to purposes which are not in law charitable. The Society will not be identified with any party or sect.


Coalburn One Stop Shop                 Coalburn One Stop Shop Reception Area


Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society received funding from Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust to refurbish the main hall upstairs. This was to decorate the hall, replace stage curtains, and do some electrical work and renew cupboards at the front of the stage. The work was completed at the end of January 2011 and has made a huge difference.

We were also notified in January that we had been awarded funding of £20,000 after approval from Land Trust to upgrade the car park at the front of the One Stop Shop. This award is funded by Patterson Quarries and we are hopeful work will commence mid/end March 2011. This will make a huge difference to user groups and organisations using the premises and will make access easier.

The Rural Communities Trust Fund meeting to discuss funding applications was held on Wednesday 25th August. George had submitted a funding application for £6,174 which was 25% of the cost required for new air conditioning/heating units and loft insulation for the Bowling Club. We were successful in obtaining the amount required. We are still waiting to hear from Community Energy Scotland if we have been successful for the remaining 75%. George has been in touch with Iona McDonald to let her know of our success to Rural Communities Trust Fund.

Funding for Coalburn Miners' Welfare Bowling Club.

Thanks to the SCISWF bowls and bowling shoes were purchased to allow school children from the local primary to take tuition from a qualified teacher. The first session took place on Wednesday 26th May with representatives from the Bowling Club, Coalburn Miners Welfare Social Club and the School in attendance and a photographer from the local newspaper to capture the event. This has proved very popular with the children and two classes will take part every Wednesday during the bowling season.

Below are two photos marking the event.


New Porch with Disabled Access

Work on the new porch started in October and it was hoped that this would be competed by the end of December 2009 but due to the adverse weather conditions this was delayed and not completed till the end of January 2010. This was meant to be included in the original grant in 2003 but due to lack of funding this project was delayed. This was made possible by Coalburn Miners' Welfare Charitable Society receiving funding from Rural Priorities, Forward Scotland, Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust and Rural Communities Trust.





Grant Funding Awards

'Awards For All'

Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society received a grant from Big Lottery 'Awards for All' for ££9,290.

This is to enable us to deliver the following activities within the One Stop Shop:

Computer Classes
Flower Arranging
Salsa Classes
Active Kids Classes
Ready Steady Cook

If anyone is interested in any of the above please contact the One Stop Shop on 01555 820060 or e-mail:

New Funding Award

Coalburn Miners' Welfare has been awarded a grant from Community Energy Scotland for £18,995.25 towards the cost of installing Solar Panels, PV Panels, Loft Insulation in Coalburn Miners' Welfare and Cavity Wall Insulation in Coalburn Miners' Bowling Club. This is 75% of the total cost of the project. We have been awarded the balance £6331.75 from Rural Communities Trust. The project also includes an Educational Monitor that will be positioned in the foyer of the One Stop Shop. This will be a great learning opportunity for the local schools etc as this will be the first project of this kind in our area.


This service has now been moved from a Friday morning to a Monday afternoon between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm.


Funding for Solar Power

Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society has secured 75% of funding required to install Solar Panels on roof to heat water, PV Panels for electricity, roof insulation for the Miners Welfare and cavity wall insulation for the Miners' Welfare Bowling Club.. An educational monitor will be installed in the foyer area of Coalburn Miners' Welfare One stop Shop and will be used for educational purposes. We hope this will attract some interest from the local schools and schools in the surrounding area. We will be the first in this area to install the solar panels and PV panels and the total cost will be just over £25,000. We are hopeful of securing the remaining 25% required. This work should begin sometime in the New Year.

Rural Communities Trust

Coalburn Miners' Welfare Charitable Society has been awarded £11,745 from Rural Communities Trust. This is the final amount required for the new porch and now this has been awarded we hope that work will start within the next month once we have received the go ahead from building control.

Community shop to re-open

A partnership between UKSE, the South Lanarkshire LEADER Programme and South Lanarkshire Council provided a £5,000 grant for the project and the Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society was able to carry out the essential refurbishment work. Now, with the project nearing completion the centre’s manager, George Greenshields reports
that the shop’s turnover has already increased.

Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust

Coalburn Miners' Welfare Charitable Society was awarded £10,000 towards the cost of the new porch from Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust. This gives us a total amount awarded of £75,627. There is still a shortfall of approximately £11,000 but we are in the process of applying for this amount to the Rural Communities Trust Fund. We will know by August if this has been successful. We hope to start work on the porch in August/September.

Forward Scotland - Porch

Coalburn Miners' Welfare Charitable Society were awarded £30,000 from Forward Scotland. This is match funding to build a new porch and ramp for disabled access. We have already been successful from Rural Priorities and received funding for £38,727. We are still awaiting word from Hagshaw Windfarm Trust for match funding for £10,000 and should hear by the middle of June.

Work should commence either July or August.

Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society received funding from the Developing Local Communities Fund. This was for £4,945 to refurbish the community shop with new shelving, rails and to supply a cash register and till. Work has started and we hope that everything will be competed by the end of May 2009. The Developing Local Communities Fund is financed by:

South Lanarkshire Council
The renewable Energy Fund
South Lanarkshire Rural Partnership LEADER Programme
UK Steel Enterprise Ltd

Rural Priorities

Coalburn Miners Welfare Charitable Society were successful in an application for funding to Rural Priorities to build a new disabled porch and ramp access. We were awarded £38,727 which is approximately 50% of the total cost. This was due mainly to the hard work of Mr William Steel who was acting as agent on our behalf. We have applied to Forward Scotland for £30,000 and will hear if we have been successful by 21st May 2009. We have also applied to Hagshaw Hill Windfarm Trust for £10,000. If we receive the match funding this will enable us to progress with the Porch and Ramp.



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