Onllwyn & District Miners Welfare Association

Background & History:  The association first came into being in 1923 when the then trustees were granted a 999 year lease on condition that they fence off and level the leased land. In 1934 the trustees were able to negotiate another 999 year lease on an adjacent parcel of land and extend the recreation ground. Then in 1955 consent was sought to build a recreation hall and uot buildings in conjunction with the objects of the association. This became the present day building.



•Concert Room


User Groups/Activities:

•Womens institute

•Pony Show Club

•Darts/Quiz Teams


Location:  The hall is located on the A4109, the main road running through Onllwyn.


Friendly Society


Registered Number:

140 SA

Contact Details:

Onllwyn & District Miners Welfare Association

Wembley Avenue



West Glamorgan

SA10 9HL

01639 700398